Hey.  Wipe that frown off your face.  There is no shame in beating the Pirates

See, last year the Pirates were bad, I know.  Really bad.  Lose-100-games-and-have-your-fans-chant-Let's-Go-Steelers-during-games bad.  But not at home, they weren't.  The Pirates were slightly under .500 at home, which means that mathematically, you were more likely to split a series in Pittsburgh than you were to win 2 of 3, unless of course it was a 3-game series in which case you were unlikely to split it unless one of the games was the All-Star game and Bud Selig was hanging out near the dugout.

It's just that on the road, the Pirates were 17-64, which as I pointed out in a post last year, means they lost 2 out of 3 17 times in a row and THEN lost 30 straight games.

So winning in Pittsburgh really isn't no big deal.  It's a big deal.  It's a road game.  We'll take it.

That said, you'd be hard pressed to find a team that was successful in the regular season that didn't take care of business against the Pirates.  There was, of course, the crazy season had by the Nineteen Eighty Eleven Salt Lake City Long Underwear who went 2-16 against the Pirates but 98-46 against the rest of the league on their way to a World Series championship.  But of course I made them up.

So last night was certainly a good win.  Down 2-1 in the 8th, having completely blown a potential rally in the 7th, and with multiple opportunities to screw up both the 8th and the 10th (Nate getting thrown out at 3rd, Huff unable to get a run home from 3rd with no outs), the Giants managed not to choke away a game they kind of sort of needed.  I mean, it's April.  There are no must-win games in April.  But then again, March is the new April now, just like November is the new October.  So maybe there are no must-win games in March, but there are must-win games in April.  I don't know. 

What I'm trying to say is, we didn't lose to the Pirates.  Maybe you have crazy ideas about our President being born in Mecca and I don't.  Maybe you think it's cool to call The Heat "The Heatles" and I don't.  Maybe you're a moron and I'm not.  But cant we just agree that losing to the Pirates is a bad idea and beating them is a good idea?

Bill Mazeroski feels like 100 years ago.  Hell, Andy Van Slyke feels like 100 years ago.