Sorry this post is a day late, but hopefully the off-day means that it will still be relevent and that everyone hasn't forgotten Wednesday's win over the Fodgers.  See, it's just that after the game, I was online perusing Vegas odds when I came across something pretty interesting.

*Heat trade Lebron to the Warriors for Andres Biedrins, citing his "above-average hair" -    18 to 1
*Pittsburgh Pirates:  2011 World Series Champs -  37 to 1
*Albert Pujols demands trade to Royals on grounds that he's tired of seeing Billy Butler get a paycheck -  62 to 1
*After being swept by Celtics, Carmelo tells reporters he wishes he'd stayed in Denver - 88 to 1
*Tim Lincecum tweets that he beaned Uribe on purpose and if he had the chance, he'd have hit him again and "put some stank on it" - 137 to 1
*Boston Red Sox finish the season 2-160 -  355 to 1
*Oakland A's outdraw San Francisco Giants by 2 million fans due to "Coco Crisp Afro Bobble-Head Month" -  888 to 1
*Giants win a game by getting homeruns in the same inning by a right-handed Pablo Sandoval and an either-handed Mike Fontenot - 5,633,223,111 to 1

It's magic inside, I would say.


Most of the talk around the NL West these days centers on whether or not the Rockies are for real.  Well, it's because of analysis like the following that you get your GIants news from 24 Days of Magic.  The Rockies are not for real because it's April and they are winning.  That's not how the Rockies are successful.  They are supposed to be bad right now, or at least simply mediocre, stay mediocre through August, and then win 56 of their final 30 games.  Worked in 2007.  Worked in 2009.  Almost worked in 2010.  Why would 2011 be any different?  By starting 10-2, the Rockies are assuring themselves of a 4th place finish.  I would say 5th place, but Arizona is as bad as advertised, which is to say, they are better than last year and still very, very bad.

I admit that when I read the standings this morning, I had a quick thought that went like this: "we're only one game out of the wild card!"
I will not be looking at the standings again until July.